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The experience I had with hypnosis with Dijana was very special! Dijana picked me up exactly where I was and in a pleasant, open atmosphere I was able to let go and let the hypnosis happen. Through her calm and warm manner, her eye-level approach and her awareness of deep-rooted ingrained hurdles, I felt lifted up and was able to open up. During the treatment I was able to open up more and more to my subconscious. Dijana was able to help me recognize and see the source of my addiction, that I was trying to relieve certain feelings by smoking.
The quitting process did not start immediately after the session. I felt light and motivated and did not smoke that day but on the following days I couldn't resist. I kept thinking about certain scenes that took place during hypnosis that were brought to my attention. A audio recording I listened to every night relaxed me and kept bringing me back to the inner roots of my addiction. I realized that the addiction was not freeing me but only drowned out certain things.
As a result, I reached a different awareness of my craving for cigarettes. After about 4 weeks I had the strength to try not to smoke cigarettes at all. I have not smoked since then. I feel liberated and when I see other people smoking, I don't have the craving for it, but feel like I'm imagining the scenes from hypnosis and I am happy I am no longer an addict. I don't feel a loss, but a gain. The hypnosis has encouraged me to find a new way, to gather strength, to recognize underlying causes and subconscious influences. Thanks to hypnosis I realized that letting go of smoking is a gain and not a loss. I can highly recommend Dijana as a hypnotherapist!

Silvia, Switzerland
Dijana is a very warm, caring person who put me at ease straight away. Dijana worked on my confidence/procrastination. She explained everything very clearly to me. The session was awesome. I also listened to the recording she prepared for me on a daily basis and could feel my confidence building. I even signed up for the London Live RTT training. I would not hesitate to recommend Dijana. She is going to be a phenomenal therapist and I wish her all the success.
Rosemarie, UK
My experience with Dijana was lovely! I had a session with her on procrastination and the whole experience was really pleasurable. Dijana has a calm, gentle, warm demeanor. She is professional, yet comes across as very loving. It is clear that she cares about her clients. Dijana did a very thorough intake which I really appreciated and during the session she used different techniques skillfully to get to the root cause of my issue. She helped me to see connections I had not seen before. During the session I felt really relaxed and afer I felt lighter and more joyful. I really enjoyed the transformation audio that she made for me and I listened to it often. I still listen to it. My tendency to procrastinate has definitely improved a lot as a result of the session and the audio and I am so grateful. I really recommend Dijana as an RTT therapist!

Elizabeth, Senegal
The session from Dijana was enlightening and healing. Her ability to help me resolve the root causes of my food addictions were very helpful and insightful. She guided me through a series of scenes that were keeping me stuck in a negative pattern of using food for comfort. I realize now that I have the power to recreate those beliefs and change my relationship with food. I have to do the work from here, but I now have a keen understanding of how to interrupt those negative beliefs and embrace a new vision for my life. The recording is key to long lasting change and was necessary for the changes to take root. It was a wonderful session and RTT is a very powerful tool for emotional freedom.
Rebecca, US
I had a great session with Dijana. She made me feel so comfortable and heard. She listened to what my problem was and built the session around what I said I wanted. She reassured me before our session and made sure I was ready to go ahead. Throughout the session, Dijana was confident and fully capable of helping me heal. I have more confidence now than I ever have had and care a lot less about what other people think. I have noticed a shift as I listened to the personal recording Dijana made just for me. I love how she used my own words! If you are thinking about hypnotherapy then having a session with Dijana is a great start!
Caitlin, Japan
Dear Dijana,
Thank you so much for my RTT session. I have stopped binge eating. When those thoughts come to me I repeat the words on the recording to ground me.
I feel so happy and I feel loved by myself. I've taken on new challenges like recording content for IGTV and interviewing students live about their experiences learning science. I remember myself as a little girl and smile that I'm an amazing adult for her now.
Thank you Dijana for your gentle manner and putting me at ease - as this was my first time being hypnotised.
Samina, UK
In the very first moments of my session with Dijana a feeling of safety and peace was established between us, as she easily communicated with me. 
With calmness and very skillfully she was able to take control of the session. With her soft, kind voice, along with her ability to ask the right questions, she brought back different aspects of my life and connected my events and memories and found the cause of my insomnia and anxiety. She skillfully led the session to get to the root cause of my issue. The transformation audio she made for me helped me a lot to feel calm and relaxed. I am deeply grateful for the session I had with Dijana. It definitely helped me with my sleeping issues. Dijana is a kind, beautiful person with a beautiful spirit and has a great sense of helping others. With great confidence I recommend Dijana as an excellent RTT therapist and I will always be thankful to her for being my loving sleeping Angel.
Farangis, Sweden
RTT was a new and exciting experience. The effect after each session is fantastic. RTT led me to the real roots of my problems. A lot has been resolved in our sessions. I feel free inside, strong and courageous for my further journey. Dijana supported me with enormous competence and sensitivity. She convinces with her open and positive charisma and combines this perfectly with attention to detail. I can only recommend Dijana to everyone.
Roberta, Austria
Dijana helped me to unravel some deeply hidden childhood memories that had until then influenced me without my noticing. I think that I am a reflected person, still, without Dijana’s input I would not have been able to “dig a bit deeper” in order to understand and predict my today’s behavioral structures. I have the impression that I made a step towards my “true self” and that feels real and authentic. However, RTT did not lead to success within one session. In my case, Dijana’s therapy gave the most powerful incentive. Afterwards I had to work on my perseverance to regularly make time to listen to the recordings. It was worth the effort, because some of the phrases/mantras stuck to my mind and accompany my everyday life since then.
Dijana is a skillful therapist. I enjoyed our session and still find it soothing to listen to her voice and the recording. Thank you!
Christina, Austria
I had a hypnotherapy session with Dijana in November. I was very warmly and friendly welcomed. I felt safe and comfortable. Dijana explained the process clearly, in detail and lovingly. I was full of confidence and could let go with ease and let myself go. Her gentle voice created a sense of security in me. I had the feeling of being in a protected space. I felt light and relieved after the therapy. She was very professional, showed deep understanding and was compassionate. I received a recording from her which I listened to two times a day for 21 days. The therapy helped me to make peace with my past and to transform old beliefs for which I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. I still listen to the recording today. It helps me to believe in myself and my abilities. I am very grateful that Dijana with her excellent work has enabled me to live my life with ease and joy. I am blossoming and unfolding full of love.
I would recommend Dijana's therapy to anyone because it gives people a chance to powerfully, fully, deeply trust in life again.
Thank you so much!
Mamisa, Switzerland
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